Grafalloy Blue Shaft Review


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Key Features: The original Blue was one of the most popular shafts of the last few years, and this version looks to follow with the same level of popularity. Look for a low-launch, no-ballooning trajectory with added control and stability. It’s super-stable and easy to make hard swings without the ball ballooning out of control. We consider this to be a shaft for golfers with fast swings who want maximum distance. 

Specs: Available in 60g and 70g in several flexes.

Grafalloy Prolaunch AMP Shaft Review

grafalloy prolaunch amp shaftOverview-

Grafalloy introduced their new shaft with ringing reviews, this time they have upped the ante on one of the most popular shaft series ever, the Prolaunch.  This time, they added a high-powered shaft and made it the Grafalloy Prolaunch AMP.  The new Prolaunch AMP is delivering on big-time results with ground-breaking technology.  The AMP uses the Advanced Material Performance (AMP) to crank up the volume in a way not many will match.  They incorporate the the exclusive AXIS technology to reduce torque and at the same time, increasing hoop integrity for unparalleled energy transfer.


Micro-mesh Technology – at the heart of the Prolaunch AMP by delivering torsional stability and simultaneously, delivering more feel at impact.  This equates to an unparalleled feel that is suited for the better player.

Ultra High Modulus – A method of using stiffer graphite materials to produce low torque and low spin shafts.

FTT – stands for Flex Trajectory Technology.   Incorporated in this high-tech shaft is the ability change trajectory based on flex.  This allows a bigger population of golfers to attain and use this shaft.


Grafalloy Prolaunch AMP Specs-

grafalloy prolaunch AMP specs

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