Miyazaki JDL Shaft Review


(H/T Golf Tips Magazine)

Key Features: The JDL is designed to perform the same no matter how it’s oriented into an adjustable-hosel driver—no matter what setting you choose for face/lie angle, you’ll reap the best performance the shaft can deliver. For us, that’s a mid-launch with mid-spin for the best in distance and control. 

Specs: Available in four models from 49g to 87g in a variety of flexes.


Miyazaki B. Asha Shaft Review


(H/T Golf Tips Magazine)

Key Features: The B.Asha uses Miyazaki’s International Flex Code, making it easy to choose the right flex (across the entire shaft) for your game. Need a stiff butt section and soft tip, or vice versa? There’s a Code for both kinds of shafts. In fact, the way the B.Asha shafts are categorized, there’s a shaft for just about everyone and every desired type of launch. 
All of them have a silky-smooth feel and Samurai-inspired graphics. 

Specs: A huge assortment of weight and flex characteristics to choose from. 


Miyazaki Kusala Black, Blue, Silver Driver Shaft

miyazaki shaftOverview-

Miyazaki first appeared in 2009 with a popularity not seen in a long time. And in only 10 months, Miyazaki has made its mark on the PGA and European Tours.  The Miyazaki Kusala is their flagship and their most popular shaft to date.

Miyazaki has designed a proprietary International Design Flex Code fitting system, which replaces the need to measure key shaft charactersitcs like frequency, bend point and torque.

The Kusala comes in three models, the Black, Blue and Silver.

Miyazaki Black – played by Vijah Singh, offers a low to mid trajectory and a softer of smoother feel, with an increasingly or “graduated” stiffness in the tip with the ultimate objective a controlling trajectory.

Miyazaki Blue – played by Jerry Kelly, is a mid trajectory with a constant flex, equating to a slightly “stiffer” feel than the Black.

Miyazaki Silver – played by Joe Durant, is a mid to higher trajectory that feels stiff but has a much softer profile in the lower section, providing a higher launch.

Miyazaki Kusala Specs-

FLEX Regular, Stiff/Firm
SHAFT WEIGHT 77 to 88 Grams
SWING SPEED 100 to 109 MPH, 70 to 89 MPH, 90 to 109 MPH
TIP DIAMETER .335 Inches

Player Reviews-

“miyazaki line is amazing”

“Hand down this shaft is the best I’ve ever played and i am amazed and the consistency and the feel!!!!”

“miyazaki line is amazing”

“Fantastic shaft, one of the best I’ve ever used. I’ve used many different models of Fujikura and Aldila shafts but this one is by far, the best. It’s not cheap but you do get what you pay for. My ball flight is low and straight now, tee it higher to get more loft for downwind shots. Great looking shaft, everyone should be using this shaft, pured, of course”

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