Fujikura Motore Speeder Driver Shaft


Fujikura released the Fujikura Motore Speeder in 2009′ with strong expectations.  I mean combining the best of two fantastic shafts in the Motore and Speeder cannot be anything less than fantastic!  And to be honest, the shaft has lived up to the hype.

The Motore Speeder is the most technologically advanced shaft they’ve made yet to date.  The shaft features the world’s first 7-Ply Cross Axis design. The major advantage of this shaft is indeed the technology behind it – 7 Axis technology, which claims a significant loss in energy and promotes a great feel as well as a kick seen by no other shaft. The Motore Speeder main advantage is definitely its ability to hold its characteristics under stress.  Reduce shaft deformation was the goal.  Made for players with relatively low spin coupled with high ball speeds. The result is a medium to high ball launch with extended carry.

The Motore Speeder offers two models, the blue and red model – otherwise known as the .0 (red) and 1.0 (red).  Both of the models taut the 7-Axis technology with main difference.  The Red model is slightly weaker in the butt which makes for a slightly higher launch and fairly low spin.  The Blue model has a lower launch and lower spin rates for those of you who “load” the shaft more.

Fujikura Motore Summary-

This shaft has proven itself in 2010′ and expect more to come in 2011′. If you like technology, put the Fujikura Motore Speeder on the short list. Being the worlds first 7 axis weave technology, makes this shaft something special. A significant reduction of twisting and rounding of the shaft resulting in maximum kick and carry without giving up accuracy, will be Fujikura’s push on this great shaft.

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