Fujikura ZCOM Six Review

Fujikura ZCom Six ShaftThe Fujikura ZCOM Six is one of the most popular shafts from Fujikura, and certainly one of those shafts that doesn’t need much introduction.  Nevertheless, the ZCOM is also one of those shafts that doesn’t necessarily get the wide-spread praise that some of the other Fujikura shaft receive. But let me tell you, this is one great shaft due to many characteristics.

The ZCOM is an ultra-lightweight shaft that increases launch angle and spin and performs extremely well for a wide range of players. Players from Senior to the PGA tour, all have benefited from this shaft.

Considered to be a medium launch, medium spin shaft. The higher torque (4.5) coupled with a light weight (range of 52 to 59 grams), makes this shaft a monster for increasing distance and carry.

The ZCOM bending profile allows for a flatter ball flight which is why the better players like this ultra light shaft. For above average to better players with smooth tempos, the ZCOM is truly a shaft built for speed and distance.

Player Reviews-

“The Z Com shafts are premier possibly the best shafts on the market especially the SIX”

“Simply the best distance shaft on the market. I sell ton’s of these monster’s.”

Fujikura ZCOM Six Specs-

Fujikura ZCOM Six Specs

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Fujikura ZCOM Six Review



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