Mitsubishi Fubuki Driver Shaft

Overview-Mitsubishi Fubuki

The Mitsubishi Fubuki was release in 2008′ but continues to grow in enthusiasm and following.  The Fubuki has many sound features including the Modulus Differential Technology (MDT), the technical component behind the shaft. MDT incorporates a revolutionary state of the art design consisting of high modulus material combined with specialized, responsive, pitch based fiber in and above the tip section.

The Fubuki is considered a mid to high kick point shaft with a generous helping of Torque, which makes this shaft extremely responsive.  Most importantly, the overall design allows for various materials to harmoniously work together to promote an enhanced feel and stability. Maybe equally important, MDT offers a significant reduction in golf shaft deformation and lag. This reduction makes it possible to see consistent spin reduction along with a more repeatable dynamic launch angle.

Fubuki Specs-

Shaft Model Flex Lgth Wgt Tip OD Tip Torque Kick Pt.
FUBUKI 63 X 46 66 0.335 4 3.7 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 63 S 46 64 0.335 4 3.7 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 63 R 46 62 0.335 4 3.7 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 73 X 46 71 0.335 4 3.3 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 73 S 46 69 0.335 4 3.3 MID/HIGH

Player Reviews-

“Fubuki 73 X is the finest shaft around. It has all the goods. Outstanding feel, extremely stable. Pushing the limits on carry and roll. Just flat out outperforms thre other big guns at Fuji, UST, Matrix, you get the picture. This is one hot shaft. I have it in the best head taylormade has put together. 2009 Tour Burner TP 8.5”

“The arc and top spin it generally gives out is the best on the market IMHO”

Comparisons and Resources-

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