Fujikura ZCOM Six Review

Fujikura ZCom Six ShaftThe Fujikura ZCOM Six is one of the most popular shafts from Fujikura, and certainly one of those shafts that doesn’t need much introduction.  Nevertheless, the ZCOM is also one of those shafts that doesn’t necessarily get the wide-spread praise that some of the other Fujikura shaft receive. But let me tell you, this is one great shaft due to many characteristics.

The ZCOM is an ultra-lightweight shaft that increases launch angle and spin and performs extremely well for a wide range of players. Players from Senior to the PGA tour, all have benefited from this shaft.

Considered to be a medium launch, medium spin shaft. The higher torque (4.5) coupled with a light weight (range of 52 to 59 grams), makes this shaft a monster for increasing distance and carry.

The ZCOM bending profile allows for a flatter ball flight which is why the better players like this ultra light shaft. For above average to better players with smooth tempos, the ZCOM is truly a shaft built for speed and distance.

Player Reviews-

“The Z Com shafts are premier possibly the best shafts on the market especially the SIX”

“Simply the best distance shaft on the market. I sell ton’s of these monster’s.”

Fujikura ZCOM Six Specs-

Fujikura ZCOM Six Specs

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Oban Kiyoshi Shaft Review

Oban KiyoshiOverview-

The Emersion Wrapped Frequency (EWF) technology is at the hard of the Oban Kiyoshi and makes the low dispersion tee shots possible.  Depending on the skill level, this shaft offers a high launch, low spin combination, with a scalable Torque rating by weight class.


Again, the Emersion Wrapped Frequency Technology (EWF) is at the heart of the Kiyoshi.    The premium high modulus composite supplied by only the leaders in pre-preg manufacturers.  This combination provides the feel and performance you’ve come to expect from Oban.

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Aldila DVS Shaft Review

aldila dvs shaft


The Aldila DVS touts a revolutionary Micro Laminate Technology (MDT), which has been a proven staple for the shaft maker.  Probably the biggest advantage the DVS has over some of its competitors is the new responsive tip that promotes extra kick at impact, making this a shaft for players looking for more power but yet keeping such measurables as Torque and Launch in check.

Responsive tip with a low torque responds well to certain type of player, namely better than average looking for some distance.

“High performance technology harnessed and perfected into a special blend of weight, torque, flex and feel. Simply put, sneaky long.”

Aldila DVS Specs-

X .335/.350 .630 3.3 Mid 63g 46-3.5 F
S .335/.350 .630 3.3 Mid 63g 46-3.5 F
R .335/.350 .625 3.3 Mid 63g 46-3.5 F

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Graphite Design Tour YSQ Shaft Review

Graphite Design YSQOverview/Technology-

Graphite Design has been a leader in the golf shaft industry for years, some of the best players in the world consistently playing their shafts.

The Tour AD YSQ was introduced in 2008′ with a subsequent model coming out to eventually settle on the YS+ series.  The new YSQ however is known to add significant distance, as much as 6-10 yards.  This is accomplished by increasing ball speed 3% to 5%.  This improvement was made possible Axial Composite Interlace (ACI), an exclusive technology that stabilizes the club by eliminating deformation – end result is Pure Distance and Perfect Accuracy, the ACI driven mantra coined by Graphite Design.

Below, are the latest specs released by Graphite Design.

Tour AD YSQ Shaft Specifications

Name Kickpoint Flex Weight
Tour AD YSQ 45 LOW Ultra Lite, RR, R, S 48
Tour AD YSQ 55 MID Lite, RR, R, S, X 55
Tour AD YSQ 65 MID R,S,X 67
Tour AD YSQ FW MID R,S,X 70 – 72
Tour AD YSQ 75 MID R,S,X 75 – 78

Player Feedback-

“It’s at least 10 yards longer and I have a lot more control”

“The feeling of the YSQ was as good as the YS6, but with less dispersion. YSQ has a higher profile than the YS6, and was the natural upgrade for me”

Graphite Design YSQ

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Oban Devotion Shaft Review

oban devotion


Compared to the Fujikura’s and Aldila’s of the golf shaft industry, Oban is a relative new born.  Don’t tell that to Jim Furyk though, he is one of the highly ranked tour players that is highly devote to the shaft manufacturer.  Oban Devotion is one of the shafts that comes with high praise.


Diversity is key the Devotion.  The weight ranges start at 43 grams and goes all the way up to 84 grams.  This is one of the highest weight range available for any high profile market.  Designed to fit into many different swings, the Devotion is very consistent throughout the weight classes.  The Torque and Kick Points diversity is key to this shaft, which changes throughout the line.

The models of the Devotion are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  The Devotion 4 & 5 is suited for the golfer seeking higher ball flight and launch and spin – best suited for slower swing speeds.   While the Devotion 6, 7, and 8 progressively gets a tighter/lower ball flight with a lower spin rate, ideal for players that load their shaft and/or quicker tempo.

Oban Devotion Specs-

Flex S X XX
Oban Flex O4 O5 O6
Butt 0.6 0.6 0.6
Tip 0.34 0.34 0.34
Tip Parallel 2.7 2.7 2.7
Length 46 46 46
Torque 3.5 3.5 3.5
Weight 78-84 78-84 78-84

Player Feedback-

“I am really really enjoying the consistency that this shaft is giving me right now”

“I really like the look of the shaft and it feels really good with nice dispersion”

“I am already quite impressed”


The Oban Devotion is already considered a high-end shaft enjoyed by many types of players, with all abilities.  The Devotion is growing in popularity that is beginning to remind me of an old veteran instead of a new-born.

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UST AXIVCore Driver Shaft Review


The UST AXIVCore is a one of a kind carbon-fiber weave shaft providing the golfer a “lighter feel” with an energy transfer that promotes a faster club head speed.  The energy transfer is created through a maximizing hoop strength in the carbon fibers.


How does AXIVCore Technology work?

“By strategically placing AXIV material within the shaft, our designers can influence torque, flex, trajectory, and feel. For example, the new Proforce AXIVCore shaft has AXIV material in the butt section to help reduce ovalization of the shaft throughout the swing, which improves consistency and control and improves the overall feel of the shaft.”

UST AXIVCore Specs-

UST AXIVCore Tour Green –

Shaft Flex Weight Torque Launch Butt OD Butt Mid Tip Parallel Tip OD Length
9160 R 64 g 3.4 Medium 0.600 “ 257 6.6 26 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9160 S 65 g 3.3 Medium 0.600 “ 270 7.2 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9160 X 67 g 3.3 Medium 0.600 “ 286 8.0 30 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9170 R 74 g 2.6 Medium 0.605 “ 256 6.8 26 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9170 S 75 g 2.6 Medium 0.605 “ 271 7.5 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9170 X 76 g 2.6 Medium 0.605 “ 286 8.3 30 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9180 S 85 g 2.2 Medium 0.605 “ 271 7.5 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9180 X 87 g 2.2 Medium 0.605 “ 285 8.2 30 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9190 S 95 g 2.0 Medium 0.610 “ 272 7.3 29 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
9190 X 96 g 2.0 Medium 0.610 “ 285 8.0 30 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “


Shaft Flex Weight Torque Launch Butt OD Butt Mid Tip Parallel Tip OD Length
1731 S 68 g 3.2 Med-High 0.610 “ 279 7.9 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1731 X 69 g 3.2 Med-High 0.610 “ 293 8.4 30 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1731 XX 69 g 3.2 Med-High 0.610 “ 294 8.3 32 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1831 S 77 g 2.6 Med-High 0.615 “ 280 8.0 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1831 X 78 g 2.6 Med-High 0.615 “ 293 8.7 31 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1831 XX 78 g 2.8 Med-High 0.615 “ 294 8.6 34 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1931 S 87 g 2.1 Med-High 0.615 “ 283 8.2 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1931 X 87 g 2.1 Med-High 0.615 “ 297 8.8 31 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1931 XX 88 g 2,3 Med-High 0.615 “ 297 8.7 34 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “

UST AXIVCore Tour Black-

Shaft Flex Weight Torque Launch Butt OD Butt Mid Tip Parallel Tip OD Length
1700 R 68 g 3.1 High 0.610 “ 265 6.8 24 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1700 S 68 g 3.1 High 0.610 “ 279 7.5 26 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1700 X 68 g 3.1 High 0.610 “ 293 8.2 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1800 R 74 g 2.7 High 0.610 “ 266 6.8 24 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1800 S 77 g 2.5 High 0.615 “ 280 7.6 26 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1800 X 77 g 2.5 High 0.615 “ 294 8.2 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1900 S 86 g 2.1 High 0.615 “ 283 7.8 26 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “
1900 X 86 g 2.1 High 0.615 “ 297 8.3 28 4.0″ 0.335 “ 46 “

Player Feedback-

“I had this shaft installed installed in TM Burner really smooth,solid feel without being boardy. Picked up 20-25 yds of carry with a much tighter dispersion compared to stock shaft.Thank you UST for giving me my teebox confidence back”

“I put the AXIV Core Blue in a 2009 TaylorMade R9 and immediately picked up 10-15 yards vs, the stock TM shaft. Very nice smooth feel; the butt is stiff but the tip has the flex I need to get the ball up”

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Fujikura Blur Driver Shaft

Fujikura Blur driver shaft


The Fujikura Blur has been hailed the Fastest Shaft in Golf and is catching fire in popularity for both tour and recreational players.  There is no doubt Fujikura is capitalizing on another fine addition to their glowing line of shafts.

The new Fujikura Blur was first introduced at the Players Championship in May of 2010 and was met with accolades, especially Ricky Barnes and Alex Cjeka.

Fujikura is definitely putting the Blur front and center as their lightweight flagship.


The Blur is a super lightweight shaft that utilizes the proprietary VEXX Carbon Interweave to its fullest.  Now the VEXX is certainly at the forefront of the shaft itself being the most innovative construction of the light-weight and ultra thin carbon tapes woven together.

Optimal stiffness and feel are the primary benefits of the VEXX technology.  This is because carbon interweave technology places more carbon fibers in the direction of the shaft loading.  The end result is a stronger, stiffer, and more responsive shaft.  Another anomaly, albeit a positive one, is the fact that the Blur is a mid launch, mid spin, with a mid bend point shaft, something rarely seen in this weight class.

“It’s the lightest weave we’ve ever encountered by far, the VEXX woven-fabric lends itself to a lighter weight but also has the feel, torque and stiffness properties associated with a heavier shaft.” According to Fujikura President and COO Dave Schnider

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Miyazaki Kusala Black, Blue, Silver Driver Shaft

miyazaki shaftOverview-

Miyazaki first appeared in 2009 with a popularity not seen in a long time. And in only 10 months, Miyazaki has made its mark on the PGA and European Tours.  The Miyazaki Kusala is their flagship and their most popular shaft to date.

Miyazaki has designed a proprietary International Design Flex Code fitting system, which replaces the need to measure key shaft charactersitcs like frequency, bend point and torque.

The Kusala comes in three models, the Black, Blue and Silver.

Miyazaki Black – played by Vijah Singh, offers a low to mid trajectory and a softer of smoother feel, with an increasingly or “graduated” stiffness in the tip with the ultimate objective a controlling trajectory.

Miyazaki Blue – played by Jerry Kelly, is a mid trajectory with a constant flex, equating to a slightly “stiffer” feel than the Black.

Miyazaki Silver – played by Joe Durant, is a mid to higher trajectory that feels stiff but has a much softer profile in the lower section, providing a higher launch.

Miyazaki Kusala Specs-

FLEX Regular, Stiff/Firm
SHAFT WEIGHT 77 to 88 Grams
SWING SPEED 100 to 109 MPH, 70 to 89 MPH, 90 to 109 MPH
TIP DIAMETER .335 Inches

Player Reviews-

“miyazaki line is amazing”

“Hand down this shaft is the best I’ve ever played and i am amazed and the consistency and the feel!!!!”

“miyazaki line is amazing”

“Fantastic shaft, one of the best I’ve ever used. I’ve used many different models of Fujikura and Aldila shafts but this one is by far, the best. It’s not cheap but you do get what you pay for. My ball flight is low and straight now, tee it higher to get more loft for downwind shots. Great looking shaft, everyone should be using this shaft, pured, of course”

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