Aldila NV Driver Shaft


The Aldila NV features a unique Micro Laminate Technology (MDT) that provides the player uncompromising power, a consistent flex, and superb feel… a highly effective combination. The Micro Laminate Technology allows for an extraordinary slim design that provides a stable profile. This technology has allowed the shaft to be an outstanding all around performer with fantastic feel.

NV 55

S 335/.350 .620 3.9 Low-Mid 57g 46-3.0 F
R 335/.350 .615 3.9 Low-Mid 56g 46-3.0 F
A 335/.350 .615 3.9 Low-Mid 54g 46-3.0 F
L 335/.350 .615 4.0 Low-Mid 55g 46-3.0 F

NV 65

X .335/.350 .625 3.5 Low-Mid 68g 46-3.0 F
S .335/.350 .625 3.5 Low-Mid 67g 46-3.0 F
R .335/.350 .620 3.5 Low-Mid 67g 46-3.0 F

NV 75

X .335/.350 .625 2.8 Low-Mid 78g 46-3.0 F
S .335/.350 .625 2.8 Low-Mid 78g 46-3.0 F
R .335/.350 .620 2.8 Low-Mid 78g 46-3.0 F

NV 85

X .335/.350 .625 2.6 Low-Mid 88g 46-3.0 F
S .335/.350 .625 2.6 Low-Mid 88g 46-3.0 F
R .335/.350 .620 2.6 Low-Mid 86g 46-3.0 F

Player Comments-

“Replaced the stock shaft on my driver with a pured Aldila NV 65 R”

“This shaft is all about trajectory”

“Dropped 10 strokes off my average at my regular course with the new shaft the first time out. Highly recommended for anyone considering a new shaft. Have it pured; it makes a difference!”

Who’s it For?

The Aldila NV definitely favors the stronger player, looking for a lower or penetrating ball flight.  Given the lower Torque combined with a Low to Mid launch, the NV is best suited for the low to mid handicapper.

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