Do Golf Balls Need Custom Fitting?

When getting a new set of golf equipment, neither the brand nor the equipment model is important. The essential and crucial part is if the equipment fits the golfer. This principle is oftentimes overlooked by many. Each golfer has his own natural style when swinging. That’s why customization of golf clubs is becoming more and more popular. But, have you heard that golf clubs aren’t the only ones that can be custom fitted? Yes, even golf balls too! The following are some references how important good golf balls are during the game as well as the benefits of getting them custom fitted.

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We offer a professional custom fitting golf ball service so why not call our golf pro on 0845 257 7641 to be fitted to the correct golf ball for you. He will ask a few simple questions to determine which will be the best golf balls to

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Why Getting Fit For The Right Ball Matters. One of the coolest trends in golf in the last few years is that custom fitting for equipment is no longer reserved for tour pros. We all have the ability to take advantage of the advances in

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Custom Fit Your Golf Balls!! Every shot counts!! And the golf ball you play makes a big difference! Take your game to the next level by find the best ball for you! On a scorecard every shot is created equal…………a stroke is a

Many people have accepted and believed how beneficial custom fitting golf equipment is. And, it does bring good results for those who have experienced them. The same way goes with your golf balls. Getting your golf clubs customized brought you half way to your goal. Getting your golf balls customized brings you there completely. Titleist started it few years back and because of its domination, many other companies spent time and resources in golf ball research and development. All their efforts are for golfers like you so that you can benefit from custom fitted golf balls.

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Torque is the amount of twisting in a golf shaft that occurs during a swing, and in most cases, the less twisting the better. Find out how twisting can benefit golfers with long, smooth swings with help from a member of the PGA National Teaching Committee in this free video on golf shaft torque. Expert: Jay Golden Contact: Bio: Jay Golden has been a PGA Member since 1982, and was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigon

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