Fujikura Motore Driver Shaft Review


Fujikura Motore is not new amongst serious golfers looking for an edge. However, the relatively new shaft as become an extremely popular driver shaft on the PGA Tour especially.

The Motore is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced shaft they’ve made, featuring the world’s first 7-Ply Cross Axis design. The major advantage of this shaft is indeed the technology behind it – 7 Axis technology, which claims a significant loss in energy and promotes a great feel as well as a kick seen by no other shaft. The Motore Speeder main advantage is definitely its ability to hold its characteristics under stress – no shaft deformation is key. Made for players with relatively low spin coupled with high ball speeds. The result is a medium to high ball launch with extended carry.

Motore Spec Sheet-

Motore Model Spin Launch Weight Torque
Motore 75 R Low Low/Mid 75 3.0
Motore 75 S Low Low/Mid 75 3.0
Motore 75 X Low Low/Mid 76 3.0
Motore 65 R2 Low Low/Mid 63 3.5
Motore 65 R Low Low/Mid 65 3.2
Motore 65 S Low Low/Mid 65 3.2
Motore 65 X Low Low/Mid 65 3.2
Motore 75 R2 Mid Mid 55 4.3
Motore 75 R Mid Mid 57 4.0
Motore 75 S Mid Mid 57 4.0
Motore 75 X Mid Mid 59 4.0

Player Feedback-

“I have absolutely loved the Motore 75x as a 3 wood shaft”

“off the tee, this shaft has been incredible”

“The 75 is awesome”

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