Fujikura Speeder Driver Shaft

Fujikura SpeederOverview-

The Fujikura Speeder has been a flagship shaft and bestseller for many years.  What makes this shaft so good is the following it has on the tours, there are many loyal users of the Speeder. Fujikura announced recently that the Speeder shaft was the #1 shaft on the PGA tour for 8 years running! Certainly a great tribute to the greatness of this shaft.

The shaft is built for the more advanced player but recently Fujikura made it more accessible for the average player by offering a number of choices within the model.

Triax technology is at the heart of the Speeder success – a carbon fiber woven in honeycomb structure giving the shaft extraordinary abilities to withstand twisting that occurs during the swing.

Player Reviews-

“it just feels great…”

“The best control shaft I’ve used and is still considered one of the best of all times and still gets used by some of the pros”

“I am very impressed with its performance. This shaft has a ton of kick! I am also amazed with accuracy of this shaft especially considering the shafts light weight”

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