Advantages of Custom Fitting Your Putters

Many golfers have already been aware of what golf club fitting is and the advantages it brings for their golf games. Most professional golfers, if not all, have had their golf clubs custom fitted. Many amateur golfers have already invested in getting their equipment custom fitted for their respective styles. However, there may still many others who are unaware that even putters need custom fitting. Why? The following articles give answers why custom fitting of putters is important and the edge it brings in the golf game.

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Fitting Your Most Important Golf Club-The Putter. Get fitted for your putter, the most important Yes, the putter should be fit to what you need to make more putts, not what it looks like, feels like or what the marketing hype says about it. Why get fit for a putter? ○ Putting makes up our Edel system, puts us in rarified air. Certainly less than 10 facilities in the world have access to both of these, and it is a huge advantage to be able to use such phenominal technologies.

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Golfers use the putter more than any other club in the bag, yet it Putter fitting rarely gets the attention it deserves. Is there any advantage to adding butt weight to a belly putter 39 through 42″ with a 17 to 20″ grip and a 350,

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How many times do you use your putter? Usually at least 30 times! Yet when it comes to getting fit for clubs, many golfers overlook doing a putter fitting. But you can get one at Golf Galaxy for $19.99, and it is money well spent.

Putters are one of the most neglected golf equipment during custom club fitting. Miles of Golf stresses that walking into a golf shop, picking that one shiny putter on the rack and paying it out, do not meet the needs of the golfer in playing golf. Golfers got to be certain that they are reaching their full potential during every golf game. This can only happen if they have their set of equipment custom fitted, including their putters.

Benefits of Golf Club Fitting

It takes confidence with your personal skill and golf equipment to be successful in playing golf and enjoy it. Any golfer who has not experienced golf club fitting will not be able to share the confidence of those who have been using custom fit golf clubs. Custom fit golf clubs provides golfers with the ability to perform even better in the golf course. To learn more about the benefits of golf club fitting, the following articles are provided for further reading.

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Submitted by Justin Tackett, Canongate Performance Center Instructor. We all hit bad golf shots from time-to-time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a touring pro or a weekend warrior playing in the Sunday scramble, every player falls

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Golf Club Fitting – should you get Fitted? Read about the benefits of proper club fitting. Golfers come in all different shapes and sizes and there are clubs to suit every imaginable body type. However, not all these clubs are available ‘off-the-rack

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Club fitting will definitely affect your golf scores in a positive way. To improve scores, your every swing shot must be consistent. And this is the primary benefit of getting your golf clubs fitted. This is the same reason why serious

Custom fitting of golf clubs allow the golfers to play at their maximum capability by providing them with equipment which are professionally designed to meet their physical specifications and swing characteristics. Both amateur and professional golfers can take advantage from this technology. So, if you haven’t experienced getting your clubs custom fitted, now is the best time to do so and be the best golfer that you can be.

Trackman Golf: The key to improvement

Several golfers who have used the TrackMan Golf technology has definitely exalted the practice choices it provides. But sad to say that not a lot of golfers truly know the value of golfing with the TrackMan Golf and how it can improve ones swing and ones overall game.

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TrackMan. It has been an enlightening experience using TrackMan in almost every lesson for a year now. There are so many widespread 'philosophies' (see: fallacies) that we, as golfers, have heard so many times we simply accept them to be truth. TrackMan says – hold on a A very important factor in determining shot shape is not only the clubface relative to the clubpath, but where the ball is struck on the face relative to the sweetspot. For regular golfers off center

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The golf ball spins on an axis. If the ball's axis is spinning towards the left that produces a hook spin. If the axis is spinning towards the right that produces a slice spin. Thus, if Trackman shows a spin axis of -3* that means that the But, that's only 3.5 dimples off the sweetspot. So if you miss by 2 dimples, you may not feel that (particularly with titanium) and that could draw your ball 20 yards off line. Important stuff to understand. 3JACK. Posted by Rich H. at 9:12 PM

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The TrackMan Radar Unit provides a technology that has conceptually changed the way players think, practice and get fitted for golf clubs. Essentially golf is about consistency, a concept well defined due to TrackMan. Consequently all major

TrackMan Golf calculates the crucial component of the golf swing, the contact between the club and the ball. Accurately knowing this data and adding a greater understanding of such impact, makes improvement not only easier but theoretically faster. Just using your eyes to identify the error at collision, is impossible because of the speed in which that is happening. That is why at, we help you understand the ins and outs of Trackman Golf to make you a better golfer.

Do Golf Balls Need Custom Fitting?

When getting a new set of golf equipment, neither the brand nor the equipment model is important. The essential and crucial part is if the equipment fits the golfer. This principle is oftentimes overlooked by many. Each golfer has his own natural style when swinging. That’s why customization of golf clubs is becoming more and more popular. But, have you heard that golf clubs aren’t the only ones that can be custom fitted? Yes, even golf balls too! The following are some references how important good golf balls are during the game as well as the benefits of getting them custom fitted.

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We offer a professional custom fitting golf ball service so why not call our golf pro on 0845 257 7641 to be fitted to the correct golf ball for you. He will ask a few simple questions to determine which will be the best golf balls to

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Why Getting Fit For The Right Ball Matters. One of the coolest trends in golf in the last few years is that custom fitting for equipment is no longer reserved for tour pros. We all have the ability to take advantage of the advances in

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Custom Fit Your Golf Balls!! Every shot counts!! And the golf ball you play makes a big difference! Take your game to the next level by find the best ball for you! On a scorecard every shot is created equal…………a stroke is a

Many people have accepted and believed how beneficial custom fitting golf equipment is. And, it does bring good results for those who have experienced them. The same way goes with your golf balls. Getting your golf clubs customized brought you half way to your goal. Getting your golf balls customized brings you there completely. Titleist started it few years back and because of its domination, many other companies spent time and resources in golf ball research and development. All their efforts are for golfers like you so that you can benefit from custom fitted golf balls.

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Golf Life Television features a detailed explanation of the design and production process at Fujikura Golf. You will learn how the company designs and manufacturers golf shafts in their Carlsbad, California Fujikura Design Lab. For more Golf Instruction and information visit and make sure to find more video at

Golf Tips : How to Understand Golf Shaft Torque

Torque is the amount of twisting in a golf shaft that occurs during a swing, and in most cases, the less twisting the better. Find out how twisting can benefit golfers with long, smooth swings with help from a member of the PGA National Teaching Committee in this free video on golf shaft torque. Expert: Jay Golden Contact: Bio: Jay Golden has been a PGA Member since 1982, and was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigon

Can golf shafts help your elbow, wrist or shoulder injury?

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