Advantages of Custom Fitting Your Putters

Many golfers have already been aware of what golf club fitting is and the advantages it brings for their golf games. Most professional golfers, if not all, have had their golf clubs custom fitted. Many amateur golfers have already invested in getting their equipment custom fitted for their respective styles. However, there may still many others who are unaware that even putters need custom fitting. Why? The following articles give answers why custom fitting of putters is important and the edge it brings in the golf game.

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Fitting Your Most Important Golf Club-The Putter. Get fitted for your putter, the most important Yes, the putter should be fit to what you need to make more putts, not what it looks like, feels like or what the marketing hype says about it. Why get fit for a putter? ○ Putting makes up our Edel system, puts us in rarified air. Certainly less than 10 facilities in the world have access to both of these, and it is a huge advantage to be able to use such phenominal technologies.

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Golfers use the putter more than any other club in the bag, yet it Putter fitting rarely gets the attention it deserves. Is there any advantage to adding butt weight to a belly putter 39 through 42″ with a 17 to 20″ grip and a 350,

A Healthy Golf Obsession: The Benefits Of A Putter Fitting


How many times do you use your putter? Usually at least 30 times! Yet when it comes to getting fit for clubs, many golfers overlook doing a putter fitting. But you can get one at Golf Galaxy for $19.99, and it is money well spent.

Putters are one of the most neglected golf equipment during custom club fitting. Miles of Golf stresses that walking into a golf shop, picking that one shiny putter on the rack and paying it out, do not meet the needs of the golfer in playing golf. Golfers got to be certain that they are reaching their full potential during every golf game. This can only happen if they have their set of equipment custom fitted, including their putters.