The Importance of Choosing the Right Shaft for Your Game

Finding the best shaft for your game is not difficult and the payoff is huge — desirable trajectory, more distance and better control to name a few benefits. In essence using the best golf shaft for your game means playing better golf.

Unfortunately, you don’t see the attention given to shafts as you do for drivers, irons, and other clubs. But why? The golf shaft is one of the most underrated pieces of golf equipment in your bag. Yet the educated golfer truly understands that having the right shafts in his clubs means better performance.

Why is a golf shaft so important?

The shaft is the only thing between the club head and your hands that oh by the way, plays a huge role in the outcome of your ball trajectory, control, and distance. But just as the selection of a driver or irons for your game affects performance, selecting the right or wrong golf shaft will give similar results. The golf shaft needs to be tailored to your swing to fully benefit.

Since golf shafts vary from one player profile to the next, we can make best shaft generalizations based on market share and general feedback.

The more popular driver shafts include Aldila, Fujikura, Mitsubishi and UST. There are others, but these four make up a majority of market share in the driver shaft category.

Aldila has a number of shafts to choose from including NV, NVS, DVS, VS and the new Voodoo. Fujikura also has a number of very popular shafts that include the Speeder, Rombax Series and ZCOM Six. Mitsubishi is another top choice, especially amongst the tour players, that include the very popular Diamana shaft. Mitsubishi also offers the Javln, Bassara, and their new highly sought after Fubuki shaft. And lastly, UST offer the ever popular Pro Force V2.

Iron shafts can be either steel of graphite, with steel being the more popular of the two among better players. Project X is the most popular Rifle shaft, a top choice amongst PGA tour players.

Each shaft maker will offer multiple designs within each model so that most every golfer will fit into their shaft of choice.

In summary, please place emphasis on your golf shafts. Having the best shafts in your clubs, designed specifically for your swing, will play huge dividends for your overall game.

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